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His Love For Scouting (Wong Pow Nee)

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When Pow Nee joined Kim Sen School, he noticed that Chinese schools lacked a very important part of education, that is, youth training activities. With the consent of the priest in charge, he started 7th BM Scout Troop movement in 1947, and that Scout Troop did very well.

Pow Nee became the Scouter In Charge of that Troop of four Patrols of eight boys each. Everyone was very enthusiastic with the training. Other Chinese schools in Province Wellesley then followed the Kim Sen Scool example by setting up Scout Movements.

Eventually, scouting in Bukit Mertajam became very active, with Kim Sen School having one of the best Scout Troops in Province Wellesley Central.

From 30th December 1949 to 3rd January 1950, Pow Nee attended the Scouters Preliminary Training Course in Sungai Petani, Kedah, under Commissioner Yeo Siew Keat.

In 1950, Pow Nee introduced Junior Red Cross Unit to Kim Sen School. He was the Officer-in-Charge, assisted by Francis Leong Kup Sin.

On 25th April 1952, Pow Nee attended the WoodBadge Part II Practical Course in Castle Camp, K.L.; Commissioner Mr. Payne and Enche Yusoff were in charge. Certificate Reg. No. 21120, dated 25th April 1952.

Pow Nee qualified for Scout WoodBadge Part I Course on 25th April 1953 (Certificate Reg. No. 19715, dated 25th April 1953). The year 1953 saw Pow Nee’s appointment as Scout District Commissioner for the district Central, which provided him a lot of facilities training.

On 3rd December 1959, Pow Nee was appointed Honourary Scout District Commissioner, B.M.District by Scout Penang State Commissioner Dr Khoo Kim Cheng.

Pow Nee subsequently became Scout Assistant Chief Commissioner for Northern Region, Malaya, for the states of Perlis, Penang, Kedah and Perak (Warrant No. PTM 2007 dated 12th December 1963, presented by Chief Scout Dato Sardon bin Haji Jubir on 4th April 1964, at the Chief Minister’s Residence, Penang).

On 10th December 1966, Pow Nee was awarded the Scout Pingat “Semangat Padi” by the Chief Scout Dato Sardon bin Haji Jubir, vide Crcular No. 1/1966, Ref No. NB-1/PC/PC-13, at the Jamboree Camp Site at Teluk Bahang, Penang.

Continuing service to the Scout Movement Pow Nee stayed in close touch with the Scout Movement after his appointment as Chief Minister even though his years in Government were hectic and full of challenges. The Scout Headquarters for the State was built as a result of his efforts in obtaining land and funds required to construct the building. It remains today the most enduring reminder of his work on behalf of the Scouts. Often forgotten are also his efforts to secure a good campsite for the Penang Scouts. However, his efforts would be thwarted in later years that saw the closure of Jubilee and Coronation Camps.

If the Scout Headquarters was to be Pow Nee’s enduring legacy to the Scouts in Penang, then the First Malaysia Jamboree would surely be his legacy to Scouts in the whole country, as Scouts all over the World gathered for the historic event take took place between 4th December – 10th December 1966. Preparations began as early a year and a half before then.

The first meeting to organize the Jamboree was held on 3 August 1965. Subsequent meetings were held at the Operation Room in Bangunan Tuanku Syed Putra at Weld Quay and at The Chief Minister’s Residence. Members of the Organizing Committee were voted in or co-opted into the Committee for his or her expertise and very specialized work in the Jamboree. The memorable three-day jamboree will be chronicled in subsequent newsletters.

Wong Pow Nee\'s Woodbadge Certificate

Wong Pow Nee\'s Woodbadge Course Certificate (From Top to Bottom: Part 1, Part 2)

Wong Pow Nee (seated left) as a scouter in Kim Sen School

Pow Nee (standing 5th from left) at a Wood Badge camp.

Pow Nee inspecting a guard of honour in 1964 as Chief Minister of Penang.

1952 April, 22 – Looking at the photo, Pow Nee seated first from right.

1953 July, 16 – Flag Presentation Rally

1953 – Scouting in Kim Sen School

Pow Nee laying the corner stone of the Penang Scout Headquarters.

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