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First Malaysian Jamboree 1966

The First Malaysian Jamboree – 4th to 10th December 1966

The first World Jamboree was initiated in London in 1920. The first World Jamboree in Asia which was the 10th was held in Makiling Park, Philippines. We have come a long way since then and weathered two World Wars. This was the first Malaysian Jamboree, though two other Jamborees have preceded this in 1927 in Rifle Range, Penang, and the Coronation Jamboree in Tanjong Malim in 1937.

The first meeting was held on 3rd August 1965. Then meetings were held at Operation room, Bangunan Tuanku Syed Putra, and at Tan Sri Wong’s residence. Each member of the Organising Committee was voted in or co-opted into the Committee for his or her very specialized work in the Jamboree.

Jubilee Camp, the then campsite of the Local Boy Scouts Association, was transformed into the Jamboree Village with nearly 3,000 inhabitants of various colour, class and creed, adhering to the tenets of the Scout Law, which incidentally was the Law of this camp.

The first Malaysian Scout Jamboree was held at Teluk Bahang, Penang. Eleven countries, including Malaysia participated; 2328 scouts from Nationalist China, Great Britain, India, South Korea, Laos, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia took part. The Chairman of Organizing Committee and Camp Chief was Wong Pow Nee; it was declared open by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the Sultan of Trengganu.


Monday, December 5, 1966 Opening Ceremony Of The Jamboree

The official opening by Their Majesties, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the Raja Permaisuri Agung, created two Firsts in their illustrious reign – the first sovereign since the formation of Malaysia, and as the first sovereign to declare Jamboree Pertama Open.

As Camp Chief, TSWPN said that the Scouting Movement in this country was very fortunate to have as Chief Patron, His Majesty, and as the other Patrons, Their Royal Highnesses the Sultans, Their Excellencies the Governors and the Yang di-Pertua of Sabah. He said that it was a worldwide movement and it was therefore fitting that our nation supported activities designed to promote the development of it. He said that the objective of the Scouting Movement was aimed at training the youth in the qualities and traits of good citizenship. He concluded, “It is our hope that all the participants to this Jamboree will experience living together and will take away with them very pleasant memories of their stay in Penang. …I have always stressed the important role that youths constitute approximately 50% of our population; it is only fair that a great deal of attention should be devoted to their activities. In this connection, I must make reference to the efforts of the Ministry of Culture ,Youth and Sports in promoting useful youth activities throughout the nation.…I would like to thank all the people who have in one way or another contributed to make this Jamboree a success;…our special thanks to the State and Federal Governments for their respective contributions of $20,000 and $40,000. This is certainly another firm indication of the Government’s support for the development of the Scouting Movement in our country.”

In the speech by His Majesty, He said,“…Today is a very historic day, especially to the Scout Movement of Malaysia, and I believe that all the Malaysians Scouts who are here today will feel proud and happy that the Jamboree is held in this country Malaysia. I believe that for Penang, it is a happier occasion because the First Malayan Jamboree was also held in Penang in 1927. …I hope this Jamboree will give a greater impact as an example to the world that people of various races, religion, and country can live together in peace and harmony. …The example shown at the Jamboree should be a guidance for the unity, friendship and understanding between one another. It has been the policy of my government to work for theprogress, prosperity and peace. In this connection, my Government will give every encouragement to achieve this objective; …I also wish to thank members of the Organising Committee especially the Chief Minister of Penang, Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee, fortheir efforts in making the Jamboree a success. …I wish to thank the Boy Scouts, donors and others who have one way or another contributed towards the organization of this Jamboree.”


Tuesday, December 6, 1966 : “Governor’s Day” At Jamboree

It was a great honour for the Camp Chief to welcome His Excellency the Governor of Penang, Raja Tun Uda Al-Haj bin Raja Muhammad, S.M.N. to the First Malaysian Jamboree.

In his speech,the Camp Chief said,“…During the past 15 months, the Organising Committee has put in a great deal of work to make this a truly memorable occasion for all concerned. The camp site and the surrounding area in Telok Bahang has been transformed into a Jamboree Village. An elaborate programme has been drawn up to ensure that all the participants have an enjoyable time and will take away with them memorable experiences of their stay in the State. …We are grateful to Your Excellency and Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Puan Hajjah Nor Sa’adah, for your continued interest in the promotion and development of the Scouting Movement in particular, and useful youth activities in general.” Sir, as a leader of this country, you have always endeavoured to promote a harmonious multi-racial society. It is not only in the domestic field that your efforts have been successful – in fact our country has successfully protected this image abroad and our leaders have emphasized the importance and the need for greater understanding and toleration amongst different nations. The Scout Movement, which has for its aim a similar objective, is therefore in complete consonance with your policies. We are therefore very proud and happy that you have been able to take time off from your extremely busy schedule to attend this function.”

In his speech, H.E.Raja Tun Uda said,“…We in Penang are proud and happy that the Boy Scouts Association of Malaysia should have conferred upon us the signal honour of staging the First Malaysian Jamboree. This is the first time that a Jamboree of this size is being held in our Island and we would all like it to be a resounding success. I am aware that the Organising Committee under the able leadership of the Camp Chief, Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee have worked extremely hard in preparing for thisJamboree. A Jamboree such as this size is certainly an exciting and enjoyable experience. The presence of so many Scouts fromoverseas makes it all the more memorable.”


Wednesday, December 7, 1966 : “Prime Minister’s Day” At Jamboree


In a speech by The Tunku he said,“Scouting is A Great Movement, because it instills discipline and loyalty in all who join it. It makes them God-fearing, law-abiding and good citizens. You are lucky to have with you here, the Executive Head of the Administration of the State of Penang, Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee, who at the same time, is the Camp Chief. As Camp Chief, he had to do a lot of thinking and planning and in doing so he had some able bodies here to help him. He has made extensive preparations, helped by a dedicated band of organizers. …The Scout Promise is one of the factors underlying the happy expansion of the movement at the turn of the Century. For, loyalty to God and to the King and the will to help others at all times indeed make the strongest possible basis for good citizenship and for the help in building a nation.”

Tunku joined the Scout Movement way back in 1912 in Bangkok. When he came back he re-joined it in Penang at the Penang Free School in 1916. Tunku said that he learnt a lot as a Boy Scout: “I have always remembered, without being reminded, all my duties.…I am sure most of you, when you leave this movement, will remember what you have learnt as Scouts. Only then will this country be assured of loyal support. No doubt there will be some of you who will forget the Scout Promise, but for those who remember it will no doubt help to foster unity among the people.…This country is beset with many problems. And one of the greatest is how to keep out the forces of evil that try to destroy our way of life. We are exposed to the dangers and if everyone can be a Scout and stick to his Promise, I don’t think this evil force – the communists – will have any effect on the minds and thinking. The communists have no loyalty to anyone and do not belong to anyone or anything, except to the creed they profess – communism…. I hope the Scout Movement will be an answer to these evil forces. I also hope many young boys will join the Scout Movement.”

In an address on “Prime Minister’s Day” at Jamboree Village, the Camp Chief, TSWPN said,“…As Camp Chief, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you, and Puan Sharifah to the First Malaysian Jamboree at Telok Bahang. Today has been dedicated as Prime Minister’s Day to give recognition to your continued interest in youth activities in this country. Your efforts in promoting the development of useful youth activities is borne out by the fact that you have set up a Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. It is not only the activities of youths which have attracted your attention but also various sports and games. These, too, are complimentary for in order that our youths may develop as useful citizens, they must also possess sound bodies and minds. It is therefore encouraging to note that the Government has given such activities every support and co-operation. This Jamboree is a determined effort on our part to get together people of different nationalities and races so that they can learn to live together in a spirit of mutual understanding.


Saturday, December 10, 1966 : First Malaysian Jamboree Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of this historical event was officiated by the National Chief Scout of Malaysia, Tan Sri Sardon bin Haji Jubir, P.M.N.

He said: “…I believe that during the one week here in this beautiful and scenic surrounding of Telok Bahang, all of you would have had the opportunity of meeting each other and to foster closer relationship and exchanging of views you must have gone through various experiences, good and otherwise. The experiences that you have gained through your mixing in the Jamboree will undoubtedly be of immense value to you as a guide in your everyday life where you live as a member of a community in your own towns. …Scouts must realize that the spirit of understanding and tolerance is a valuable asset which should be maintained at all times in order to create a new and peaceful world. It is therefore imperative of every Scout to help and work together harmoniously in whatever fields in order to achieve this objective. …This jamboree is greatly enhanced by the presence of a big number of overseas Scouts especially from our neighbouring countries like Australia, Brunei, Republic of China, India, South Korea, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Laos and the United Kingdom. I am sure that the Scouts in Malaysia will have gained many experiences in the way of scouting and other activities from them. Similarly, overseas Scouts and their presence here will certainly help to strengthen our international relationship. It is hoped that this friendship will continue. …my heartfelt gratitude goes to the members of the exchange of Students Committee of Penang who have made arrangements for overseas Scouts to stay in private homes in Penang after the Jamboree. I hope that they will enjoy their stay here because the people of Penang in particular, and the Malaysians in general, are well known for their hospitality. …I would like also, on behalf of the Scouts, to thank the Chairman of the Jamboree Organising Committee, TSWPN, as our Camp Chief. He Had, indeed, done a magnificent job to make this Jamboree a great success. I am also very grateful to the able members of his Organising Committee for the good work they have done. …In appreciation of his contributions to the Scout Movement in the past, and at this Jamboree, I will, on behalf of the Boy Scouts Association of Malaysia, present the highest award, the Semangat Padi, to the Camp Chief, the
Hon’ble TSWPN and certificates and badges to his dedicated band of organizers.…We must remember that what is important in this Jamboree is not what we have done during this Jamboree, but what we are expected to do after it. Therefore, the success and usefulness of the Jamboree cannot be said to be truly successful after we have seen the events that follow. …Let us pray to Almighty Allah that during our week here we have not encountered any incident, except for a few who were taken ill with minor ailments. Let us pray to Al-mighty Allah by reciting Al-Fatehah. For those who are of other religions I would ask them to say their prayers in their own respective ways. Lastly, I wish you all a happy stay in Malaysia and a safe journey home.”

As the Royal Green Jackets Band played the “Jamboree Song” the Chief Scout slowly lowered the Jamboree Flag. The 2300 Scouts from Malaysia and abroad arm-in-arm joined in singing “Auld Lang Syne” as the National and State Flags of participating Contingents were lowered to mark the official closing of the First Malaysian Jamboree.


The Darjah Utama Pangkuan Negeri (DUPN) : The State’s Highest Award Given to TSWPN

In a press interview on 19th July 1979, TSDWPN urged the State government to be more sympathetic towards the Scouts’ dilemmaover camp sites. He said that the $83,000 asked by the State government for a piece of land for the Scouts, situated just after the Telok Bahang village was “too harsh.” This 15-acre plot was the only alternative left open by the government for Scouts to go camping. He said that he was glad that the State government had set aside the piece of land for Scouts, “but I believe the motto here should be payable when able!” Scouts here had lost their regular campsites when the leases on the Telok Bahang Jubilee and Waterfall Road Coronation Camps expired in 1972 and 1978 respectively.

TSDWPN had earlier opened the four-day International Year of the Child State Scout Jamboree at Coronation Camp, where about 250 Scouts from the districts of Georgetown North, Georgetown South, Balik Pulau, Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam participated.

The Jamboree was held in conjunction with the International Year of the Child. About 50 children from the Salvation Army Home and the Ramakrishna, Muslim and St. Joseph’s Orphanage also took part. He stressed the importance of a good home for the making of good citizens of the future. He said parents must pay sufficient attention to their children while children must be sincere and help their parents, brother and sisters at home. He said, “If you cannot help your own family, how can we expect you to help others? The home must be in good order so that the country too can be in good order.

The Yang di-Pertua Negri of Penang, Tun Haji Sardon bin Haji Jubir, visited the 4-Day Jamboree, and had earlier presented certificates to 30 King Scouts. He also paid tribute to TSDWPN, describing the former State Scout Commissioner as “Penang’s Number One Scout” who had been in the Scouting Movement for more than 15 years.
TSDWPN then aged 67, heads 307 people in the honours list marking the 62nd birthday of the Yang di-Pertua Negri, Tun Datuk Haji Sardon bin Haji Jubir on 17th July 1979.He received the state’s highest award, the Darjah Utama Pangkuan Negeri (DUPN), which carried the title of “Datuk.”

Source and Credit: http://wongpownee.com/first-malaysian-jamboree/

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His Love For Scouting (Wong Pow Nee)


When Pow Nee joined Kim Sen School, he noticed that Chinese schools lacked a very important part of education, that is, youth training activities. With the consent of the priest in charge, he started 7th BM Scout Troop movement in 1947, and that Scout Troop did very well.

Pow Nee became the Scouter In Charge of that Troop of four Patrols of eight boys each. Everyone was very enthusiastic with the training. Other Chinese schools in Province Wellesley then followed the Kim Sen Scool example by setting up Scout Movements.

Eventually, scouting in Bukit Mertajam became very active, with Kim Sen School having one of the best Scout Troops in Province Wellesley Central.

From 30th December 1949 to 3rd January 1950, Pow Nee attended the Scouters Preliminary Training Course in Sungai Petani, Kedah, under Commissioner Yeo Siew Keat.

In 1950, Pow Nee introduced Junior Red Cross Unit to Kim Sen School. He was the Officer-in-Charge, assisted by Francis Leong Kup Sin.

On 25th April 1952, Pow Nee attended the WoodBadge Part II Practical Course in Castle Camp, K.L.; Commissioner Mr. Payne and Enche Yusoff were in charge. Certificate Reg. No. 21120, dated 25th April 1952.

Pow Nee qualified for Scout WoodBadge Part I Course on 25th April 1953 (Certificate Reg. No. 19715, dated 25th April 1953). The year 1953 saw Pow Nee’s appointment as Scout District Commissioner for the district Central, which provided him a lot of facilities training.

On 3rd December 1959, Pow Nee was appointed Honourary Scout District Commissioner, B.M.District by Scout Penang State Commissioner Dr Khoo Kim Cheng.

Pow Nee subsequently became Scout Assistant Chief Commissioner for Northern Region, Malaya, for the states of Perlis, Penang, Kedah and Perak (Warrant No. PTM 2007 dated 12th December 1963, presented by Chief Scout Dato Sardon bin Haji Jubir on 4th April 1964, at the Chief Minister’s Residence, Penang).

On 10th December 1966, Pow Nee was awarded the Scout Pingat “Semangat Padi” by the Chief Scout Dato Sardon bin Haji Jubir, vide Crcular No. 1/1966, Ref No. NB-1/PC/PC-13, at the Jamboree Camp Site at Teluk Bahang, Penang.

Continuing service to the Scout Movement Pow Nee stayed in close touch with the Scout Movement after his appointment as Chief Minister even though his years in Government were hectic and full of challenges. The Scout Headquarters for the State was built as a result of his efforts in obtaining land and funds required to construct the building. It remains today the most enduring reminder of his work on behalf of the Scouts. Often forgotten are also his efforts to secure a good campsite for the Penang Scouts. However, his efforts would be thwarted in later years that saw the closure of Jubilee and Coronation Camps.

If the Scout Headquarters was to be Pow Nee’s enduring legacy to the Scouts in Penang, then the First Malaysia Jamboree would surely be his legacy to Scouts in the whole country, as Scouts all over the World gathered for the historic event take took place between 4th December – 10th December 1966. Preparations began as early a year and a half before then.

The first meeting to organize the Jamboree was held on 3 August 1965. Subsequent meetings were held at the Operation Room in Bangunan Tuanku Syed Putra at Weld Quay and at The Chief Minister’s Residence. Members of the Organizing Committee were voted in or co-opted into the Committee for his or her expertise and very specialized work in the Jamboree. The memorable three-day jamboree will be chronicled in subsequent newsletters.

Wong Pow Nee\'s Woodbadge Certificate

Wong Pow Nee\'s Woodbadge Course Certificate (From Top to Bottom: Part 1, Part 2)

Wong Pow Nee (seated left) as a scouter in Kim Sen School

Pow Nee (standing 5th from left) at a Wood Badge camp.

Pow Nee inspecting a guard of honour in 1964 as Chief Minister of Penang.

1952 April, 22 – Looking at the photo, Pow Nee seated first from right.

1953 July, 16 – Flag Presentation Rally

1953 – Scouting in Kim Sen School

Pow Nee laying the corner stone of the Penang Scout Headquarters.

(Courtesy of http://wongpownee.com)

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1st Butterworth Air Scout Group - Penang - Malaysia


Kumpulan Pengakap Udara tersebut dipercayai merupakan Kumpulan Pengakap Udara yang pertama yang ditubuhkan di Malaysia.

Kumpulan Pengakap Udara tersebut adalah bertapak di dalam Pengkalan Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) - WMKB. Sebelum itu, semasa Zaman Perang Dunia Kedua, lapangan terbang tersebut digunakan oleh RAF (Royal Air Force - British). Selepas Malaya mencapai kemerdekaan, lapangan terbang tersebut diserahkan kepada RAAF (Royal Australia Air Force). RAAF pada masa itu menanggung tugas dalam mengawal keselamatan udara untuk mengelakkan pencerobohan udara oleh pihak Indonesia - semasa Konfrantasi Indonesia.

Keanggotaan Pengakap Udara adalah merupakan anggota tentera RAAF dan anak-anak tentera RAAF. Mereka giat dalam aktiviti kepakaran udara dengan melibatkan aktiviti pengakap.

Statue given to Matt Waixel when he left the 1st Butterworth Senior Air Scouts in 1971

Official opening - Scouts/Guides Hall, RAAF Hostel
Air Vice Marshall Cahall cuts the ribbon. Taking part in the ceremony are Scout Master William (Bill) Lee, Air Commodore Townsend, Scout Master Mr. Howard Bray, Cub Master Mrs. Lyn Bray, Senior Sixer Cub Peter Bray, and Senior Scout Michael Bray, Asst Cub Master Mrs Gonnie Fisk. Pat Spinks (left) holds the scissors pillow!

1969 - Frank Shilton in front, Duncan Kirk behind then Neville Mitchell

May 1970 - Fly Away Camp group

Frank Shilton

Duncan Kirk

1971 - Andrea, Valerie (Girl Guides), David and Neville Mitchell (Air Scouts)

Lencana Negeri Pulau Pinang pada masa itu

Airport building Second camp site


Unloading the Dakota

Loading the bus at Langkawi airport. Wade Halvorson centre.

Tanjung Rhu

Airport camp site - dinner time

Dia - Scout Master

1963 Scout Camp - Going on camp to Penang Lighthouse. Scout Leader Geoff Martyn, beside him - Robert Martyn, on roof of boat - Noeline Martin .


Back: From 2nd left: John Monaghan, Andrew Pickering
6th from left: Daryl Furze, John Furze
3rd from right: Peter Flemming
5th from right: Geoff Flemming
Middle: 3rd from left: Wade Halvorson
Front: From Left: David Wyatt, ?, Ian Wilson

1969 - Butterworth Scout Hall. Malaysian Scout Officials present the 1st B\'worth Air Scouts & Cub Masters with Malaysian Scouting Warrants

LtoR: Neil Taylor, Peter Jackson, Kevin Cragg

Sleeping Platform

Flying fox

1969 - Scouts & cubs put on a \"Display Day & Night\" show


1969 - An American Scout Troop from Thailand visits the Penang & Butterworth Scouts for a week. (Photo taken at Camp Coronation, Penang)

1969 - Some of the American visitors.

14 May 1970 - Representatives from 1st Butterworth Air Scout Group at St. Marks School, Prai. Presentation of monies earned through the Cents for Service activity to the local school.

Scout Camp at RAAF Base

1961-1963 - Chief Minister ([political] who represented king of Malaya) inspecting the leaders, from each state represented. He is accompanied by Chief Scout Penang, his deputy and Peter Fairey. (Peter was part of the British Consular staff). On far right of photo are two representatives of a British troop from Taiping.

(Courtesy Photo of http://raafschoolpenang.com/photopages/scouts.htm)